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Deepening and Transformation

How much of this amazing life do we allow ourselves to receive? How much love, beauty, power and sweetness can we experience? How do we live in our truth and manifest our dreams? How can we support others to do the same?

Imagine being held in a space where you are able to safely examine these issues, overcoming unhealthy patterns and erroneous societal paradigms that create emotional blocks and mute our life experience. This work is deep, powerful, and gentle. There are many tools, teachings, and experiences that support us in the deepening process. We look at what builds and drains love and power in our lives and how to create more of what we want.

The work can have a profound effect on your reality and usually creates a significant shift of consciousness and perspective. It is not for everyone. Those who work with us are drawn in by a feeling or knowing that they are ready to receive the value of this practice of guided self-examination. The next step will be clear and you will be moving toward the fullness and clarity of divine bliss.

There is rich territory to share with those who are committed to total health and are ready to deepen. Relationships take on a whole new meaning when they are approached from a place of fullness and divinity.

Your Session

Sessions begin by celebrating all of who you are now and all that has brought you to this place. We honor your commitment and courage as you create this opportunity for introspection and transformation.

The sessions are very dynamic and they evolve differently depending on individual needs and issues. One key component of the work involves healing our masculine aspect. We allow the male aspect to "grow up" and become more aware of dysfunctional cultural, relational, and internal patterns and behaviors.

These patterns include impatience, abandonment, resentment, distraction, addiction, neglect, and abuse. The healthy masculine is always present in loving acceptance and creates a haven of safety while maintaining healthy boundaries. This healing allows the feminine to ³come home² to ease, support, and safety. She is then able to let her transformative love and gifts flow.

All sessions are private, fully confidential and are designed to nurture, awaken, and help you grow. You will learn tools that you can use in your everyday life and relationships. Within a safe, nurturing environment you can relax and open. You can release what no longer serves you, such as old limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks. As you open fully to your essence you will learn how to circulate and channel these newly awakened energies in ways that support you in living a more integrated life. Sessions vary from 1-3 hours, and can be tailored for individuals or couples. At times it is beneficial to work with more than one practitioner at a time. This can be especially helpful for couples working with relationship and intimacy issues.

Imagine traveling the inner realms, going to many places and using many tools to deepen, accelerate, and support yourself and others to manifest a richer and fuller life. In addition to sharing Tantric information, techniques, and ritual, other healing modalities are brought into the session; an energetic and spiritual transmission takes place. This transmission provides inspiration and a healthy reference point for the physical body, the mind, the heart, and the emotional body. It is a step into the world of divine power and possibilities.

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Connecting and Confidentiality

I honor your desire to learn and your courage to explore and heal, and I offer you the comfort of complete confidentiality and privacy. Babadez and The Sedona Temple does not share or sell it's e-mail lists. If you are a private client, I will not identify you as such publicly, either in a social situation or if you are a participant in workshops or gatherings.

It is best to schedule appointments in advance. I rarely have same-day availability, but please don't hesitate to ask.